February 25, 2011

Fresh start

2011 may have begun eight weeks ago but I'm still in that "anything is possible this year" mood.  I decided to ease into the new year rather than make a lot of changes or resolutions that I knew I wouldn't keep.  So far this strategy has worked and each small change, just like little baby steps, has kept me moving forward. Part of my journey this year is to really focus on what I love and that is interior design.  To turn this hobby into somthing more, I'm taking classes at George Brown through their continuing ed program and love learning something new every week.  I'm currently enrolled in Perspective Drawing for Interiors and spend many hours fighting against my childhood belief that "I can't draw".  The truth is that you figure this out pretty early on in elementary school when you're attempting to draw your stick-figure family using a bunch of chewed on crayons.  My drawing tools are a little more professional now but there is still that drawer's block (definitely not a real afflication and certainly not English) that I need to overcome  This weekend I'll try to master the Lawson grid and create something that resembles a room with a bit of style.

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