August 27, 2012

Still painting

Today is my last day of painting before I take a couple days off to let things dry before the movers arrive.  As well as the living/family room, I've been painting the kitchen.  Since one space flows into the next, I'm keeping the main wall colour consistent.
Stonington Gray - HC-170 - Benjamin Moore
I removed the little step up the hutch was previously on - repair work now on the to-do list.
The beams in the ceiling are to be painted Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore which is just one colour above Stonington Gray.  I think this will enhance but not overpower this great architectural feature. 

Coventry Gray - HC-169 - Benjamin Moore
Giant speakers in the ceiling were left behind and required super strength to remove. 
The gray really enhances the exposed stone which is where the fireplace would have been.
I'm also painting the island Coventry Gray and am debating whether or not to paint the side panels as well.  The ceiling has a spantex finish and is an off-white and a bit pinkish.  No time to paint it yet but I'm planning on slightly tinting Decorator's White with Stonington Gray to cut some of the brightness and show off the trim.  Another future painting project will be to freshen up the cabinets. They look white in the photos but are actually off-white with a bit of a wash effect.  A solid colour will make them  feel more modern.

Also, check out that floor! It is a gorgeous herringbone and I absolutely love it.

August 25, 2012

Paint, paint and more paint

I am taking a few days before the movers arrive to re-paint the main floor of my new place.  I decided to lighten the walls as the burgundy makes the space feel cozy but also really small.  The light seems to disappear into the corners and I want to open the space up as I'll use it as my living/family room and an area to work.

I decided to use my tried and true fave gray, Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Stonington Gray- HC-170 - Benjamin Moore
I used this gray in my TO living/dining room and loved how it made the space feel even larger.  I think this colour will brighten up the room and show off the great features of the space.  The hardwood is gorgeous but you don't notice it right away as your eye immediately travels to the dark walls.

For the trim, I'm going with the classic Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore which has a hint of blue rather than yellow to keep it bright.  I'm planning on a semi-gloss finish to really make it sparkle but will also use an eggshell version to freshen up the interiors of the upstairs closets.  

Decorator's White - CC-20 - Benjamin Moore
More before, in-progress and after photos to come.

August 24, 2012

She's mine!

Here she is (I've decided my new home is a girl).  A little beauty in Bridgeland built in 1913.  I have so many great ideas for her and can't wait to begin.  Today is possession day and I have a week off to start making her mine.

August 23, 2012

Store Love - Rocky Mountain Antique Mall

Another great antique mall in Edmonton is the Rocky Mountain Antique Mall (7025 -103 St. [Gateway Blvd] - Edmonton).  The building isn't quite as large and bright as the Old Strathcona Antique Mall but it does contain quite a few excellent booths that are worth a look. I also felt that a lot of the pieces were a bit more rustic and many of the booths were so full, you really needed to dig through to have a good look at certain items.

My sister-in-law was a big fan of that stained glass window
Great vintage mirror
Love that little teepee
Some fantastic but pricey grates
What a great lamp and in mint condition
Beautiful stained glass
Love the old medical sign and vintage kitchen gadgets
The parking lot of Rocky Mountain Antique Mall also has a lot of great finds at really reasonable prices.
Lots of windows and even an old car
Doors, doors, doors - these would make a great headboard or table 
Even more windows and doors - can you tell I'm in love

August 13, 2012

MLS Finds - Corktown (TO)

Here is a gorgeous modern home found in the Corktown neighbourhood of Toronto. I always admired the exterior when I would pass by on the streetcar and just discovered that it is on the market.

Exterior with workspace on main floor

Family room/kitchen - beautiful mid-century modern pieces.  Love the bench seating

Modern kitchen with great wood accents and waterfall counter

Loft bedroom with built-in drawers

Great white bathroom - love the veining of the tile

Bar area leading to the rooftop patio

Rooftop patio

Gorgeous views of Corktown and a great hot tub
You can read about the building of this unique house in the Globe and Mail from an October 2011 article.

August 12, 2012

A Few Views of TO

This is a post that has been waiting to be published for awhile.  I had hoped to include more pictures before I moved but time just slipped away (as it often does).  I had contemplated just deleting this post but these three buildings are just too great for that.

There are so many great houses and buildings in Toronto.  Just like any large city, the best way to appreciate the diversity of architecture is to just start walking.  I loved exploring my neighbourhood Riverside/Leslieville/South Riverdale as there are some really lovely Victorian houses and buildings.

Wrigley Lofts (yes, they made gum there) - view from Boston Avenue

Across from the Wrigley Lofts an old firehouse - Boston Avenue

I saw this home every time I took the 501 Steetcar from my neighbourhood and I had always wanted to take a closer look.  It is a gorgeous, modern home.  I also discovered interior photos which can be found at  Definitely worth a look as the inside is full of mid-century modern pieces.
Trefann St. - The main floor is an artist's studio

Trefann St. - The staircase can be viewed from outside and extends all the way up the 5-storey home

August 11, 2012

Store Love - Old Stathcona Antique Mall

During one of my first weekends back in Alberta, I had a chance to visit one of my favourite antique malls with my mom and sister-in-law.  The Old Strathcona Antique Mall (10323 - 78th Ave, Edmonton) has 300+ booths spread out within a 27,000 sq. ft building.  All of the merchandise is priced and staff roam the aisles to help carry items to the front so you can keep your hands free to search for more treasures.  There is a great eclectic mix of items and it's rare not to find something to take home (I found a fabulous grate on this particular visit which will be fantastic to hang on a wall).

Eclectic mix of goods 
Lots of lovely coloured bottles
Pretty polka dots
Love the typeface on this vintage alarm clock 
So many sweet sets to mix and match 
Dishes, dishes and more dishes
Lots of Canadiana
Gorgeous case with oodles of drawers
Great pop of colour on these old wagon wheels
Love this sign

August 08, 2012

Remember to breathe

This video by Travel Alberta sums up the beauty found here.  I am so glad to be home.

I also love the title of this series - Remember to breathe.  We live in a fast-paced world and it's important to slow down and just enjoy the moment.  As the Mighty Opes says "Breathe.  Let go.  And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."

August 07, 2012


I love maps. I think it's because they let you dream of the places you want to visit and remind you of all the wonderful places you've already seen.  Summer is also one of the best times of year to take some time off and explore a new neighbourhood, city or country and I have a big collection of travel guides and driving maps suited just for that.  No huge travel plans this year as I'm taking some time to reacquaint myself to life in Calgary and explore a little closer to my new home.

Toronto neighbourhoods - Ork Posters
The Toronto poster above was hung in my own living room and I love the different sizes of fonts used.  It's now a perfect memento of my time living in TO.
Prettymaps (Paris) by Aaron Straup Cope
I love that this isn't an obvious map and the colour combination is really unique and graphic.
NYC Globee available from Pylones
These single-city globes would make a great souvenir.  Other available cities include:  Venice, Rome, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, etc.  I could see someone amassing a collection of different cities for a home office.
Tokyo handkerchief from Muji
It's rare to find such a chic handkerchief.
Room designed by Grace Home Design, Inc. Map available at World Maps Online.
I think this is such a great idea for a kid's room.  Maps are a perfect wall covering to fuel their imagination.