January 28, 2012

Zipper8Lighting- Fab.com

Saw this light on Fab.com this week from Zipper8Lighting by Allison Patrick. What a great use for old paperbacks.  I checked out her site on Etsy and found a variety of sizes and shapes including table lamps plus a few other materials (cartoons, telephone books and cocktail umbrellas).

Love the different tones of white and cream

Looks fantastic lit

January 25, 2012

Cotton bolls instead of flowers

Was walking past Quince Flowers the other day and stopped when I saw these great cotton bolls in the window.  They reminded me of my first fabric class last week which focused on fabrics from plant fibers (this week we focused on man-made fibers).  I think this look is a great update on the branches in vases we've seen over the past few years.

January 21, 2012

IDS 12 - Design stalking

IDS 12 is less than a week away and there are lots of exhibits I can't wait to see.  It is the event of the year for design in TO and is the place to see the latest trends in action and to discover what we may be calling a "trend" in future years.  I love checking out DesignGenNext - exhibiting local design schools, Studio North - focusing on Canadian designers and Prototype - pieces from independent designers.   Some exhibits I'll be checking out on Friday include:

IZM - Eyeful Walnut - I love the shape the lines of this table make

Roshan & Pumbeeri Collection - Tahir Mahmood - check-out those candleholders

Joel Tobman - In Out Chair (by my lovely friend's hubby)
Brothers Dressler - Cross III Table 1 - these guys can do no wrong
Resource Furniture - Cabrio - love the bright colours of this transformative piece

Uufie - Score - I love units like this that can act like room dividers

Happy Chair - Fab.com

The latest from Fab.com has some fantastic chairs.  Shawna Robinson takes one-of-a-kind chairs and updates them with contemporary prints and colours.  I love how she uses a range of fabrics to create something truly unique while still retaining the shape of these classic chairs.  Check out her site Happy Chair for more galleries and where you can find her creations. 



January 19, 2012


I've only used wallpaper once in my own home but am always flipping through wallpaper books whenever I pop into my local paint shop looking for inspiration.  Here are a few of my recent finds:

Eijffinger has a wonderfully whimsical collection called Pip.  It's actually a collaboration with Pip Studios which is a Dutch-based company that specializes in "Happy products, Happy people".  Their prints certainly exemplify that thought.
Brocante - 10711 - would be wonderful in a cottage

Artikino - 386102 - no need for your own artwork
I love Shand Kydd (available through Sears) and my spare room incorporates this Kendal pattern:

Large floral pattern - a 2012 trend
So many vivid colours to choose from - fun for an accent wall or small space
Tap into the reclaimed wood trend and rather than attaching barnboard to your wall (still a fabulous idea though) try Piet hein Eek Scrapwood wallpaper instead.

If you like Amy Butler's fabric designs then you'll love her wallpaper line through Graham & Brown.  It definitely has that over-the-top 60's/70's vibe but when you look at the furniture parings in the images below, you can see that it actually feels quite contemporary.

Or go custom and create your own wallpaper.  Rollout is a great company with studios in Vancouver and Toronto.  They design and digitally print custom wallpaper by the square foot and their site is full of fantastic images showcasing their work. You can also print your own artwork.  I particularly like what they've done for Earls on King St. in Toronto and one of my fave restaurants in Calgary, Mango Shiva.

Earls - King St - Toronto

Mango Shiva - Calgary
You can even turn your own photos into wallpaper and create a mural using one photo or create a collage of photos.  Artistic Homeowner is just one site I found on-line that provides this type of service and even includes an enormous collection of photo murals for inspiration.


Sky - would be really fun in a kid's bedroom

Water washing on rocks - quite abstract

January 14, 2012

Walls - not just for paint or wallpaper

During one of my school projects, my partner and I were researching the use of barnboard for our country-influenced design.  There really are so many wallcovering options outside of paint and wallpaper and a few options include:

Barnboard - Urban Tree Salvage is a great source for reclaimed weathered barnboard from abandoned and dismantled barns and can be used to panel walls

via the Ace Hotel in Portland
Brick - Century Architexture is an easy way to get the look of a brick wall when exposing the underlying brick in your home isn't an option (if it even exists at all)

via Century Architexture
Grasscloth - reborn - a new option has the texture of grasscloth but is comprised of recycled newspaper.  I think this would be perfect in a laid back library/office.

Weitzner Newsworthy wallpaper (WNE113-1)
Fabric - Apartment Therapy has an article on how to make removable fabric wallpaper with just lightweight fabric and fabric starch. A great idea for renters or those not willing to make a big commitment.

January 06, 2012

Trends for 2012

There are a lot of trends published in various shelter magazines and other blogs for 2012.  Trends in home decor seem to be swayed by fashion (colour trends, fabric choices) and various social influences (shift towards to sustainability, upcycling).  One difference is that decor trends tend to have a longer lifespan as most consumers can't decorate their homes on an annual or seasonal basis (like many of us update our closets).  Here are a few that have caught my eye:

Weathered Kitchens - think rough-hewn cabinets and re-claimed wood which is great for a cabin or cottage
via The Weathered Bungalow
via Country Living

Zigzag or Hexagon Patterns - similar (and at times indistinguishable) to the chevron trend of last year.  Geometric patterns are wonderfully graphic and so easy to find at lots of price points

Available from Baffin Bags through Etsy 

Maze rug via Chiasso

Industrial Salvage and Refined Industrial - I have loved this style since it first cropped up a few years ago and each year it seems to be tweaked slightly and continues to feel fresh

Beautiful "industrial" armoire from Hardware Interiors
Smash in Toronto is a great spot to search for industrial pieces and Hardware Interiors definitely has the refined industrial trend covered with their latest collection.

Subway Tiles - what's new is that subway tile is being extended to the ceiling or throughout a space and in some instances in bold hues.  I've also seen a few instances of white tile with a dark grey grout that really makes it stand out rather than fade into the background if it's all white.

via House and Home
via Casa Cullen
Malachite - Malachite is an intensely green-coloured mineral and is probably best in small doses
Malachite lamps from 1st Dibs
Water-coloured Wallpaper - adds a subtle hit to a wall and is probably an easier commitment than some of the bold or flocked versions that were popular last year

Kreme Life Muse collection
Oversized Light Fixtures - a great way to add impact to a small space

via Houzz

January 03, 2012

One year older

via Pinterest

because today is mine!

January 02, 2012

Trends for 2012 - Colour Part II

This is the month when all the shelter magazines come out with their colour trends for the upcoming year (January editions).  There are similarities to what is also predicted by the paint companies but a few standouts include: 

Heathered grey - designers love using grey and this one adds a lovely depth and surprisingly a warmth to a space

Down Pipe No. 26 - Farrow & Ball
via Style at Home
Acid yellow - a similar yellow looked fantastic in the 2011 Princess Margaret Showhome's dream country kitchen

Olive Chartreuse 6102-54 - Sico
via House and Home

Raspberry red - great as an accent
Rum Punch 231-7 - PPG Pittsburgh Paints
Raspberry throw via Carnaby Home

Deep blue - a touch of classic Wedgewood blue and works well with the chinoiserie trend
Chinese Porcelain 449-6, PPG Pittsburgh Paints

Elte's Second Life Rug

Pantone proclaimed that Tangerine Tango 17-1463TCX was the colour of 2012 - I like it but probably only as an accent colour.  I think it would look fantastic with a deep navy or a grey to tone it down.  It's expected to be a hot colour for Spring in the fashion world so we'll see how that carries into fabrics and then translated into cushions, bedding, rugs, accessories, etc.

See House and Home and Style at Home for articles on the 2012 paint trends.

January 01, 2012

Trends for 2012 - Colour Part I

Most of the paint companies have published their 2012 colour trends.  I personally paint with either Benjamin Moore or Behr and find both websites fantastic for inspiration.  Here is a sample of some of their trends and a few other paint companies with links to the articles and galleries on their sites.

Benjamin Moore - Colour Trends 2012
BM has proclaimed "Whythe Blue HC-143" as the colour of 2012. I like it - blue and grey are my two favourite colours and with a touch of green in the mix, it feels quite moody and rich.

Whythe Blue HC-143
BM has classified their 2012 trends into four vignettes - Earth and Sky, Eclectic Elegance, Spiced Life and Sense and Sensibility.

Earth and Sky - Whythe Blue, Storm Cloud 2140-40, Battenberg AF-70, Fresh Olive 2149-30, Sharkskin 2139-30

Eclectic Elegance - Farm Fresh AF-360, Nimbus Gray 2131-50, White Dove OC-17, Gypsy Love 2085-30, Stardust 2108-40

Spiced Life - Amethyst Shadow OC-930, Persimmon 2088-40, Refined AF-75, Revere Pewter HC-172, French Press AF-170

Sense and Sensibility - Montpelier AF-555, Pashmina AF-100, Dunmore Cream HC-29, Masada AF-220, Ballet White OC-9

Behr - Color Trends 2012
Behr has also classified their trends into four categories:  Santa Fe Today, Retro Recall, Safari Escape and Tea Party.  The first two aren't quite my style but Safari Escape is full of grey tones (which I love) and Tea Party is just saccharine and sweet - perfect for a small space (think office, powder room or a little girl's room).

Safari Escape - Compass T12-11, Tribal Drum T12-12, Serengeti Dust T12-15, Jackal T12-12, Livingstone T12-14
Tea Party - Sugar Pool T12-19, Queen's Tart T12-16, Minty Frosting T12-18, First Peach T12-20, Violet Water T12-17
Para Paints - 2012 Trends
At Para, they actually had various designers provide their input on the colour trends for 2012.  My personal fave was "Urbanage" by Ambrose Price.

Urbanage - Soft lavender P5237-34, Leaning Tower of Pisa P516-34D, Tribeca Square P5207-34, Cityscape P5219-62, Lunch at Tiffany's P5219-24, Little Black Dress P5195-85, Ravished P5141-85, Yahoo P5181-24D
Other styles were Digital by Glenn Dixon, Rhythm by Marc Atiyolil and Inhale by Elizabeth Whernsby.

Sico - 2012-2013 Colour Trends
Sico have broken down the trends into three colour themes:

Ming Red 6052-65, Pinto Bean 6078-31
Blue Charm - 6023-52
Marjoram 6141-31, Inscrutable Sky 6176-83
Nambian Desert 6142-74, Diaphanous Sky 6176-21
Mourning Dove 6183-31, White Goose Down 6183-11
Burnished Clay 6066-63, Eskimo 6181-31

Farrow & Ball
F&B  introduce their colour trends in February but they have shared a preview with various shelter magazines.  I find their colours suit a certain aesthetic as their paints are made with a clay component and therefore have an underlying grey base.

Brassica No. 217 (walls), Stone Blue No. 86, Manor House Gray No. 265, Comforth White No, 228