February 04, 2012

IDS 12 and BlogPodium

My fabulous "Media" pass
 Had a fantastic time at IDS 12 this year.  Working on my Interior Decorating accreditation has certainly given me an enhanced appreciation for design and reinforced  my decision to try out this new career path. 

I started out the day by attending a seminar organized by BlogPodium.  I had discovered it as one of the founders is the author of a design blog I already follow (Little House Blog) and when I saw her post on the upcoming seminar I knew I had to attend.  The concept of BlogPodium is to bring about conversations with bloggers, social media and industry experts. This particular seminar included Margot Austin, Senior Design Editor for House & Home Magazine, Kimberley Seldon Editor and Chief of Dabble Magazine, Kate Moore - Cityline Producer, Jennifer Flores (Rambling Renovators) and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault as the moderator.
It was a extremely insightful and I'm certainly looking forward to the next conference which is expected to be held in May.  I encourage you to check out photos from the event as I was too intent on taking notes to stop for photos (Jason Hudson was also on hand and I certainly can't compete with his talent).

Awaiting the start of the seminar

Contents of my BlogPodium swag bag - Thank you!
More IDS 12 posts to come!

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