April 08, 2012

April Reading

Just look at this delicious pile of design goodness. Perfect for a lazy Sunday with some coffee (or graduating to wine as the day progresses).  The collection of monthly reads has grown exponentially in the last few months and obviously doesn't include on-line magazines and the 40+ blogs I follow.  I will say that I actually read all of the text in a shelter magazine as compared to the on-line equivalents - I guess I just feel that they require that kind of respect given the long lead-time to create them.

My favourite is still the first one I ever subscribed to which is Style at Home.  I used to tear pages out for inspiration and when I was finally in my first place, began to go through those pages to determine my decorating style.  When I moved to Toronto, I pulled out those inspiration pages again and happily realized all the sources noted were actually stores in TO that I could visit.  My first few months in the city were spent in a lot of home decor shops and the pieces I picked up are still some of my most treasured.


  1. Finding inspiration is always worth admiring. Thank you for sharing your story, and Happy Easter!

  2. Griselle L.April 08, 2012

    I have read some of these magazines too as inspiration for my home in skyridge apartments in crystal lake.