October 14, 2012

Letterpress drawer - DIY

Before I left TO, I stopped by a local letterpress shop and picked up two vintage job aids for a fantastic price (one for me and one for my mom).  I planned on hanging mine on the wall and using it to display little trinkets, photos, bits of fabric, ephemera, etc.

Waiting to find a home 
Looking on a few sites though, there are a lot of other inspiring DIY projects and uses for these hardworking tools of organization and now I'm not sure what to do with my tray.

Store/display your jewelry with a pop of apple green -  via BlackForestCottage
Turn it into a coffee table - instructions via Martha Stewart
Add it to an existing piece of furniture - design via Schub Laden
Turn it into a collage of family photos and trinkets - instructions available at Offbeat Home
So many great options and now I'm really confused as to what I'll do with my tray.  I think I'll stick with my original idea though knowing that when I'm tired of the look I can change it out into one of these other DIY projects.

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