October 21, 2012

Store Love - Country Furniture

Country is certainly an expected decorating style here in Calgary but what you actually find in the stores is a more modern interpretation.  Think less chintz and more plaid, darker tones rather than pastels and industrial-influenced accessories instead of folk art.  This more modern interpretation still has a relaxed and cozy feel to it though just like traditional country decor does.

Country Furniture (738 11th Ave S.W.) exemplifies this modern country aesthetic.  They carry a wide selection of items that would work well in a lot of spaces.  The store is also set in an historic building in the design district which just further adds to the shopping experience.

Beautiful brick building
Great mirror (similar to mine) and love the handblown oversize glass bottle
Great mix of lamps and large pieces of furniture
Mansard mirror, rustic wood bedframe and cozy linens
Chevron orange rug - still not tired of this look
Great oversize artwork
Canoe hanging from the ceiling - sculpture?
Really liked these birch planters
Hanging glass orbs for candles and lovely white dishes in the background
Wire baskets have so many uses
Make your own house number
Wire baskets hung upside down and used as light fixtures - great for a rustic kitchen
Masculine lamp and sidetable
I want a zinc cabinet for my bathroom
Great living room vignette
A display of clocks greet you at the front door

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