January 19, 2013

Store Love - Chintz & Company

Chintz & Company (1238 - 11th Ave SW) has everything you could ever want for a well-designed home.  Lighting, furniture, textiles, silk flowers and accessories can be found throughout the store's three floors.  What I really like about this store are the varying styles represented by the products available so it's perfect for almost anyone.
Accessories are organized by colour/style 
Silk flowers (and a familiar mirror behind them)
Lots of glassware to choose from 
Love the paint tray/platter
Great leaf vases 
Wonderful art to choose from 
Love these unique globes
An overwhelming amount of goodies to look at
Amazing pendant lights in so many different styles
Drapery hardware (and are those Tribbles?) 
Luxurious bedroom vignette with a show-stopping chandelier 
Great fabric choices for draperies, upholstery and pillows
These pillows come in crazy colours and are very, very soft 
Lovely trim options

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