September 23, 2011

In Need of a Rug

I finally have a new dining room table (with chairs en route) and am in need of a rug to go under these lovely pieces. You don't always need to have a rug underneath a table but in my case, I find the look of wood on wood a bit much. The wood stains are a little to close to each other and without something separating them they seem to blend into one another.  I would definitely prefer my new table to be the centre of attention which means I'm now looking for a rug. 

I love ELTE's second-life rugs and just about everything at Modernweave but the prices are just a wee bit out of my budget (actually a whole lot out of my budget).  Looking at stores more in my price range, I wasn't wowed by anything.  That is until I visited Flor.  I had heard about them through another blog (MadebyGirl) and then a classmate mentioned them to me as well.  While surfing through their site, I came upon a fantastic design that mimics the style I've been after, allows flexibility in the shape and comes at a great price.  

Introducing "Reoriented" - don't you love it?

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