September 26, 2011

School Project - Bedroom

For one of my school projects, we need to design a bedroom.  This includes selecting the fabric, furniture, finishes, accessories, etc.  I've decided to go with a kid's room because it gives me the opportunity to really play with colour and by selecting my 3 1/2 year-old nephew as "my client", it helps make the selection process a little easier.  Obviously, his love of superheroes will play a role and although it won't be a "themed" room it will definitely have a strong influence on colour selection, artwork and accessories. 

I've decided to design using the primary colours - red, blue and yellow (triad).  In colour theory, it is generally thought that children (after they move out of the black and white baby phase), gravitate towards these bright colours.  This is why you'll typically see children's toys in these three colours.  It can certainly be a bit garish in one room but with the right tints, tones and shades you can arrive at a sophisticated colour story.

The room has a few features that are more for the grown-ups - a lovely yellow Eames chair, gorgeous David Trubridge coral light and art that doesn't scream comic book store but rather whispers their reference.  Of course there is some vintage spiderman on the bed to represent the very cool pillowcases I picked up at Pottery Barn Kids.

It's still a work in-progress but by using Olioboard I can get a good sense for how the room will turn out.

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