September 30, 2011

Tea Trolley Conversion - Part 1

I stumbled upon an "old-fashioned garage sale" at Machine Age Modern early in July and found a fabulous $40 Hauser tea trolley from the '60's .  I think it's really a tea trolley/bar cart hybrid but it definitely has a feminine feel to it.  It is all original with the exception of a missing bottom glass shelf.  You can see that it incorporates a faux-bamboo design and has an ivy motif on the wheels.  I've been on the hunt for a bar cart and this fits the bill at a fantastic price.  All I need to do is paint it a fun colour and replace the glass.

My little find gets even better though. A week after picking this up, I was walking down Yonge St. and went into Decorum Decorative Finds (1210 Yonge St).  To my surprise, I saw the exact same bar cart except it had been re-painted white. There was no price tag, so I inquired at the front of the shop and discovered it was priced at $595.  I could not believe my luck. With the price of my cart plus re-finishing it, I'll still be under $100 total cost.  I'm not thinking about selling it but knowing how much other's have valued it actually does make me love it even more.

Here is the unfinished piece with photos of the glammed up version to come:

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