November 03, 2012

Mini-makeover - Chalkboard door

I had a chalkboard wall at my old place and loved it.  It was a great place to jot down ideas, grocery lists and even do some doodling.

T.O. kitchen and chalkboard wall
I wanted to recreate the look in my new kitchen but didn't have any walls that it would work as well on.  Instead, I decided to paint out the door leading down to my basement.

That all-white door is just asking for some lovin'
Martha Stewart chalkboard paint - I actually used a roller brush to reduce brush marks
Taped-out the trim so I would have nice clean lines 
First coat looks good - I patiently waited an hour between coats
Good coverage but definitely needs a second coat
Second coat had a few roller lines - probably could have waited longer between coats
Third coat resulted in perfect solid coverage
Great addition to the space
My nephew, Milo, trying it out
I'm really pleased with how this turned out.  All the design books remind you to have a touch of black in a room and I think this fits the bill perfectly.  I'm planning to use the top portion for my 'to-do' lists and the bottom is just the right height for my nephews to sit in front of and draw (as demonstrated above).

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