January 06, 2012

Trends for 2012

There are a lot of trends published in various shelter magazines and other blogs for 2012.  Trends in home decor seem to be swayed by fashion (colour trends, fabric choices) and various social influences (shift towards to sustainability, upcycling).  One difference is that decor trends tend to have a longer lifespan as most consumers can't decorate their homes on an annual or seasonal basis (like many of us update our closets).  Here are a few that have caught my eye:

Weathered Kitchens - think rough-hewn cabinets and re-claimed wood which is great for a cabin or cottage
via The Weathered Bungalow
via Country Living

Zigzag or Hexagon Patterns - similar (and at times indistinguishable) to the chevron trend of last year.  Geometric patterns are wonderfully graphic and so easy to find at lots of price points

Available from Baffin Bags through Etsy 

Maze rug via Chiasso

Industrial Salvage and Refined Industrial - I have loved this style since it first cropped up a few years ago and each year it seems to be tweaked slightly and continues to feel fresh

Beautiful "industrial" armoire from Hardware Interiors
Smash in Toronto is a great spot to search for industrial pieces and Hardware Interiors definitely has the refined industrial trend covered with their latest collection.

Subway Tiles - what's new is that subway tile is being extended to the ceiling or throughout a space and in some instances in bold hues.  I've also seen a few instances of white tile with a dark grey grout that really makes it stand out rather than fade into the background if it's all white.

via House and Home
via Casa Cullen
Malachite - Malachite is an intensely green-coloured mineral and is probably best in small doses
Malachite lamps from 1st Dibs
Water-coloured Wallpaper - adds a subtle hit to a wall and is probably an easier commitment than some of the bold or flocked versions that were popular last year

Kreme Life Muse collection
Oversized Light Fixtures - a great way to add impact to a small space

via Houzz

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