January 01, 2012

Trends for 2012 - Colour Part I

Most of the paint companies have published their 2012 colour trends.  I personally paint with either Benjamin Moore or Behr and find both websites fantastic for inspiration.  Here is a sample of some of their trends and a few other paint companies with links to the articles and galleries on their sites.

Benjamin Moore - Colour Trends 2012
BM has proclaimed "Whythe Blue HC-143" as the colour of 2012. I like it - blue and grey are my two favourite colours and with a touch of green in the mix, it feels quite moody and rich.

Whythe Blue HC-143
BM has classified their 2012 trends into four vignettes - Earth and Sky, Eclectic Elegance, Spiced Life and Sense and Sensibility.

Earth and Sky - Whythe Blue, Storm Cloud 2140-40, Battenberg AF-70, Fresh Olive 2149-30, Sharkskin 2139-30

Eclectic Elegance - Farm Fresh AF-360, Nimbus Gray 2131-50, White Dove OC-17, Gypsy Love 2085-30, Stardust 2108-40

Spiced Life - Amethyst Shadow OC-930, Persimmon 2088-40, Refined AF-75, Revere Pewter HC-172, French Press AF-170

Sense and Sensibility - Montpelier AF-555, Pashmina AF-100, Dunmore Cream HC-29, Masada AF-220, Ballet White OC-9

Behr - Color Trends 2012
Behr has also classified their trends into four categories:  Santa Fe Today, Retro Recall, Safari Escape and Tea Party.  The first two aren't quite my style but Safari Escape is full of grey tones (which I love) and Tea Party is just saccharine and sweet - perfect for a small space (think office, powder room or a little girl's room).

Safari Escape - Compass T12-11, Tribal Drum T12-12, Serengeti Dust T12-15, Jackal T12-12, Livingstone T12-14
Tea Party - Sugar Pool T12-19, Queen's Tart T12-16, Minty Frosting T12-18, First Peach T12-20, Violet Water T12-17
Para Paints - 2012 Trends
At Para, they actually had various designers provide their input on the colour trends for 2012.  My personal fave was "Urbanage" by Ambrose Price.

Urbanage - Soft lavender P5237-34, Leaning Tower of Pisa P516-34D, Tribeca Square P5207-34, Cityscape P5219-62, Lunch at Tiffany's P5219-24, Little Black Dress P5195-85, Ravished P5141-85, Yahoo P5181-24D
Other styles were Digital by Glenn Dixon, Rhythm by Marc Atiyolil and Inhale by Elizabeth Whernsby.

Sico - 2012-2013 Colour Trends
Sico have broken down the trends into three colour themes:

Ming Red 6052-65, Pinto Bean 6078-31
Blue Charm - 6023-52
Marjoram 6141-31, Inscrutable Sky 6176-83
Nambian Desert 6142-74, Diaphanous Sky 6176-21
Mourning Dove 6183-31, White Goose Down 6183-11
Burnished Clay 6066-63, Eskimo 6181-31

Farrow & Ball
F&B  introduce their colour trends in February but they have shared a preview with various shelter magazines.  I find their colours suit a certain aesthetic as their paints are made with a clay component and therefore have an underlying grey base.

Brassica No. 217 (walls), Stone Blue No. 86, Manor House Gray No. 265, Comforth White No, 228

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