January 14, 2012

Walls - not just for paint or wallpaper

During one of my school projects, my partner and I were researching the use of barnboard for our country-influenced design.  There really are so many wallcovering options outside of paint and wallpaper and a few options include:

Barnboard - Urban Tree Salvage is a great source for reclaimed weathered barnboard from abandoned and dismantled barns and can be used to panel walls

via the Ace Hotel in Portland
Brick - Century Architexture is an easy way to get the look of a brick wall when exposing the underlying brick in your home isn't an option (if it even exists at all)

via Century Architexture
Grasscloth - reborn - a new option has the texture of grasscloth but is comprised of recycled newspaper.  I think this would be perfect in a laid back library/office.

Weitzner Newsworthy wallpaper (WNE113-1)
Fabric - Apartment Therapy has an article on how to make removable fabric wallpaper with just lightweight fabric and fabric starch. A great idea for renters or those not willing to make a big commitment.

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