February 07, 2013

My New Desk!

I finally found a fantastic vintage table at Cozy Cottage Interiors that will work perfectly as a desk (I'm writing this post from it).  It is a lovely drop-leaf table with that "perfectly worn in" look I was aiming for.  I decided to paint the legs and base of the table a deep black-blue - Old Navy and keep the top as-is.
Old Navy 2063-10 - Benjamin Moore
Trying to figure out the right 'blue'
No 'before' photo as we took apart the table to get it into my car 
Such a lovely deep blue and Regal provides great coverage
I primed the legs before painting them 
Shoppy admiring the first coat - three in total were needed
Project finished and I added a chair and lamp from Restoration Hardware 
A few more accessories in place and I can start working 
A small shelf to the left and some artwork will finish things up 
Detail photo of the worn-in table top

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