February 03, 2013

Store Love - Habitat for Humanity Restore

I took a trip this past week to the Habitat for Humanity Restore (3465 Sunridge Way NE).  The warehouse is huge (28,000 sqft) and is full of amazing finds at great prices.  I also love that the website includes photos of many of the in-stock items so that you get a sense of what you'll find during your visit.

You can also feel good about shopping there as the proceeds generated helps support Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta to provide safe and affordable housing.

Some interesting finds I spotted:
Cool "Exit" sign
Industrial lights
Colourful pendants
Lots of tile to choose from 
These sinks were in great condition 
Pedestals in all styles
Modern kitchen cabinetry  
Fireplace mantle for $50!
Very traditional chair that could feel more modern with a bright fabric
Fantastic wood desk 
A little loveseat in need of some love
This place is certainly worth a visit.  I would also recommend signing up for their newsletter so you can see the latest items and once you see something you like, you need to pull the trigger as inventory is VERY limited.

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