February 21, 2013

New Windows

I had new windows installed this past week throughout my house.  Thankfully, the weather cooperated and since it's not a busy time for the installers, two crews were sent out so it was only one day of noise and dust.

After getting several quotes, I decided to go with Supreme Windows.  They're one of the more established companies here in Calgary with great reviews on HomeStars and I knew friends that had worked with them in the past and were happy with the end result.  I also felt that when I was getting the quote that they had a really good understanding of what I was looking for and spent a lot of time examining the windows I had and trouble-shooting a few things that come with an old house (like why is every single window a different size, age, and material?).

I did not take photos during the installation as I was really just trying to ignore all the sounds of hammering, ripping off of trim and seeing mounds of dust and debris beginning to accumulate. I did snap this one photo of the 'interesting' wallpaper found behind the trim in the upstairs bathroom:

The bathroom as it is today has a lot going on (future post to come on that space) and I can't imagine adding something as busy as this to such a small space.

Here is the finished window in my guest room.  It's a huge improvement from what was here previously as the window was barely operational before.  I also love how window handles fold down now and don't get caught up on window treatments.

I went with simple trim and the header has some detail on it while the side pieces are plain.  I chose trim with 3 1/2" width which gives a nice presence in the room.

Here is my new bay window.  I still need to paint out the wood and I intend to match the window trim with the rest of the windows in the house.  

I've already ordered drapery for this room in a great navy/cream ikat from Chintz & Company. These should be finished in another week and I'm planning to find coordinating fabric to create a cozy window seat and something to re-cover my current chairs with.

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