April 08, 2013

A Memorable Birthday Gift

I made my Mom's birthday gift last week and couldn't post the project until after I gave it to her.  As I've written before, I have these great vintage picture encyclopedias and have a lot of projects planned for them.  

My mom and I traveled around Europe together in April of 2006.  Going through the encyclopedias, I was able to find all the cities/towns we visited and decided to create a collage of these images as a reminder of our trip.  

After finding all the various locations throughout the five volumes, I trimmed each image and then laid them out on the frame I was planning to use making sure that all the city names were visible.  I also took photos to remember the final layout.

I had some leftover white cardboard I used for school projects and trimmed it down to the size of the frame.  I then pulled out the modge podge and started gluing down the larger images.
Once I had all the images pasted, I then adding a thin layer of modge podge over the entire piece to seal it.  I choose a matte finish as I didn't want any bubbles/wrinkles (if there were any) to stand out.  I was pretty worried as this layer of glue actually caused additional wrinkles to form but they disappeared as the glue dried.
And here is the finished product plus a close-up of some of the images.  My mom was really touched and thought it was a great gift.  Price-wise, this was a pretty inexpensive project as I recycled a frame I already had (which had been on sale) and owned the rest of the supplies used.  

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