April 12, 2013

Family Room - Sneak Peek

My family room is really coming together nicely.  The addition of my new drapes and some furniture rearrangement has completely changed the feel of the room.  It's such a bright and comfortable space.  I'm still hunting for a coffee table, a new media console (maybe?), lighting, incorporating more artwork and making a cushion for my window seat.  Feels like a very doable list.

I sold my old chairs (they went really quickly) and decided to replace them with just one chair as once the cushion is added to the window bench, that will work as extra seating.  I really love the Strandmon wing chair I picked up from Ikea.  It was exactly the updated piece I was looking for and the slope in the seat makes it really comfortable.  More posts to come as I continue to work on this room.

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