March 18, 2012

Fabric Fundamentals - Part II

Since this is a "fabric" class, the real focus of our design relates to the fabrics we choose.  We need to determine the characteristics of each selection to determine if it will work for the chosen application, as well as the aesthetic features of each choice.  For example, my client profile is a family with kids and pets.  I'm obviously looking for something that's durable and can easily be cleaned but that is also soft and comfortable with fun patterns and colours to suit their personality.

Here is a snapshot of my pile of fabrics to choose from:

And here is a shot of my final choices - I don't even want to try and calculate how many hours it took to get to this:

Here is my actual sample board bringing together my fabric and furniture selections:
Photo isn't great as laptop and camera are not currently speaking to each other

There were a few changes made based on my first post as sometimes you just need to see the pieces laid out to see if they actually "feel right".   I'm really happy with how it's come together and we shall see later this week what the rest of my class thinks.

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