March 21, 2012

Window Treatments and Soft Furnishings

I just completed one of my courses last week and thought I would share my sample board.  The final project was to design a bedroom for a couple living in a traditional home but open to moving towards a more contemporary design aesthetic.  The room had one window and we needed to design a treatment that would block out light at night but wouldn't impede upon a radiator that was directly below the window (I designed a screened-in cover to hide the rad).  We also needed to design an upholstered headboard, bedding and an upholstered chair or bench.

The project involved a lot of drawings - floor plan and furniture layout, window wall elevations, drawings of the upholstered pieces to scale plus a perspective drawing which would detail our bedding choices. Using discontinued fabric samples from our instructor and my fabric fundamentals class, I was able to create a calming space and layered various creams and blues throughout the design.


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