August 07, 2012


I love maps. I think it's because they let you dream of the places you want to visit and remind you of all the wonderful places you've already seen.  Summer is also one of the best times of year to take some time off and explore a new neighbourhood, city or country and I have a big collection of travel guides and driving maps suited just for that.  No huge travel plans this year as I'm taking some time to reacquaint myself to life in Calgary and explore a little closer to my new home.

Toronto neighbourhoods - Ork Posters
The Toronto poster above was hung in my own living room and I love the different sizes of fonts used.  It's now a perfect memento of my time living in TO.
Prettymaps (Paris) by Aaron Straup Cope
I love that this isn't an obvious map and the colour combination is really unique and graphic.
NYC Globee available from Pylones
These single-city globes would make a great souvenir.  Other available cities include:  Venice, Rome, London, Los Angeles, Sydney, etc.  I could see someone amassing a collection of different cities for a home office.
Tokyo handkerchief from Muji
It's rare to find such a chic handkerchief.
Room designed by Grace Home Design, Inc. Map available at World Maps Online.
I think this is such a great idea for a kid's room.  Maps are a perfect wall covering to fuel their imagination.

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