August 12, 2012

A Few Views of TO

This is a post that has been waiting to be published for awhile.  I had hoped to include more pictures before I moved but time just slipped away (as it often does).  I had contemplated just deleting this post but these three buildings are just too great for that.

There are so many great houses and buildings in Toronto.  Just like any large city, the best way to appreciate the diversity of architecture is to just start walking.  I loved exploring my neighbourhood Riverside/Leslieville/South Riverdale as there are some really lovely Victorian houses and buildings.

Wrigley Lofts (yes, they made gum there) - view from Boston Avenue

Across from the Wrigley Lofts an old firehouse - Boston Avenue

I saw this home every time I took the 501 Steetcar from my neighbourhood and I had always wanted to take a closer look.  It is a gorgeous, modern home.  I also discovered interior photos which can be found at  Definitely worth a look as the inside is full of mid-century modern pieces.
Trefann St. - The main floor is an artist's studio

Trefann St. - The staircase can be viewed from outside and extends all the way up the 5-storey home

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