August 27, 2012

Still painting

Today is my last day of painting before I take a couple days off to let things dry before the movers arrive.  As well as the living/family room, I've been painting the kitchen.  Since one space flows into the next, I'm keeping the main wall colour consistent.
Stonington Gray - HC-170 - Benjamin Moore
I removed the little step up the hutch was previously on - repair work now on the to-do list.
The beams in the ceiling are to be painted Coventry Gray by Benjamin Moore which is just one colour above Stonington Gray.  I think this will enhance but not overpower this great architectural feature. 

Coventry Gray - HC-169 - Benjamin Moore
Giant speakers in the ceiling were left behind and required super strength to remove. 
The gray really enhances the exposed stone which is where the fireplace would have been.
I'm also painting the island Coventry Gray and am debating whether or not to paint the side panels as well.  The ceiling has a spantex finish and is an off-white and a bit pinkish.  No time to paint it yet but I'm planning on slightly tinting Decorator's White with Stonington Gray to cut some of the brightness and show off the trim.  Another future painting project will be to freshen up the cabinets. They look white in the photos but are actually off-white with a bit of a wash effect.  A solid colour will make them  feel more modern.

Also, check out that floor! It is a gorgeous herringbone and I absolutely love it.

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