March 16, 2013

Blogs that Rock

I'm currently taking decor8's latest Blogging Your Way e-course,  Blog Bloss.  We still have two weeks left in the course but I have learned so much already.  I also love how it enables you to connect with a huge community of people that all share similar interests and passions.  It is such a warm and supportive group.  This week's homework is to analyze eight blogs that we think rock. Here are the ones I love

6th Street Design School always has great photography and I like the "You might also like" links at the end of each post and click through those quite often.  I appreciate the simple typography used for the title and Kirsten Krason also includes links and contact information for her various design services.

Anyone with a love for glitter equal to mine needs to be on top of my list.  Coco & Kelley blogger, Cassandra Lavalie, kicks it off with her glittery gold "Hello" page link - so pretty.  The links at the top of her blog allow readers quick access to certain categories and keeps the site from being overly cluttered.

Rambling Renovators, by Jennifer Flores, leads you right into her design style with an illustration of classic white subway tile flanked by two schoolhouse lights.  Jennifer also has a very relaxed writing style that makes it enjoyable to check out her blog each day.
I don't know how I stumbled upon Door Sixteen but I am a big fan of blogger Anna Dorfman's aesthetic.  She shares her design style and various projects in her Brooklyn apartment and City of Newburgh home.  The sparse black and white style of the blog keeps the focus on her photos and I appreciate that all of her posts are really true to her.

The layout for Poppytalk is really clean and feels like a magazine.  I'm hoping to improve my photoshop skills and look for inspiration from how they display their photos/DIY projects.

8 Foot Six has great links for before and after home tours, thrift store finds, etc.  Again, I'm really drawn to Shannon's use of a white layout and the simple, black title.
Simply Fabulous Chic is authored by Inge, a fellow Blogging Your Way student.  The layout incorporates lots of 'white' space and is crisp, clean and not overly cluttered.
Corrine Kowal at Emerald Green Interiors lays out her photos really well.  You can also tell that she has a certain (colourful!) viewpoint on design and it's consistently represented throughout her blog.

I had already done a bit of analysis last month as I'm planning to do a blog re-design but this assignment really allowed me to put into words what I like.  There are certain themes I can see when I look at this grouping overall and I think they'll have a strong influence on my re-design.


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  1. Awwww...Kara, that is so sweet! And I feel so honored to be standing in your list! Thank you so very much for the sweet compliment, you really made my day! :-)
    Now I'm off to finish my own blog post, since I've been feeling a bit ill this past week and I'm running a little behind with class. Thank you again and I'll be back soon to check out more of your blog as well!
    Have a great weekend Kara!
    Love, Inge x