March 12, 2013


Clive Tompsett photo by Skona Hem
I really like how comfortable this room feels.  The couch looks like it's covered in a soft, worn-in linen and is decked out with a lot of cushions you can just sink right into.  Painted floors also convey a very relaxed vibe and this is only further accentuated with the casual rug and large pillows to sit on.  The plants and flowers in the room look like they came from the garden and are arranged in an unfussy manner.  

There is a lot of balance in this room as many of the colours and textures are repeated.  You see the same pink in the sofa, the cushions, the flowers and the wall.  The yellow is repeated in the pillows, the vase and the letter 'S" that's mounted on the wall.

One of the most noticeable features is the faux wainscotting made by using two different colours on the wall.   Such an easy DIY project and again keeps this room feeling so cozy and carefree.

It inspires me.

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