March 03, 2013

Dreaming of .... Craft Room

My new house has a landing at the top of the stairs with a closet and built-in desk.  Here is a photo of what it looked like when I bought it:
I love that the herringbone floors are continued up into this space but the wood doors and trim along with the wheat-coloured paint really makes the space feel "yellow".  The landing has a skylight and is wonderfully bright all day long but it just hasn't been a very pretty space to work in.

I've just started the process of taking off the trim, filling holes, sanding the walls and removing mis-matched shelving in the closet.  Sometimes it takes a big mess before you can get a great space.

Here is what I'm hoping the room will feel like:
Photographed by Trine Thorsen via Bodie & Fou
I love how cozy this space feels and with all the white and pale wood it feels very light and airy.

I'm planning to evoke a similar look by incorporating the following design elements into this room:
Wallpapering behind the desk with pages from books.

Add Ikea shelves behind the desk for storage.

Re-paint an existing dresser in a deep navy blue and refresh the hardware.  I'm planning on using this to store various craft supplies.

Paint the room in Stonington Gray HC-170 by Benjamin Moore. This is the colour I have downstairs and will continue it up into this space for a consistent look.

Painting the desk, closet door and all the trim in Decorators White CC-20 by Benjamin Moore.  The finish is a semi-gloss for a bit of sparkle and contrast.

Here is my 'to-do' list:

  • paint the room in Stonington Gray (carrying the colour up from the downstairs)
  • paint the desk in white
  • wallpaper behind the desk with pages from books
  • add shelves above the desk
  • paint out the closet door in white and replace the handles
  • paint the interior of the closet
  • create efficient shelving in the closet
  • replace the trim around the doors
  • paint the baseboards white
  • paint my dresser in navy blue and switch out the handles
  • bring it all together with artwork and some accessories

That is a big list but now that the prep work has been completed, I can start painting.


  1. Wow - that landing is kind of gorgeous! love the herringbone floors. I like your vision for the space! lovely wallpaper and I really like the chair. I found you through the Blog Boss course! I'm Tazim and I'm originally from Calgary - but live in Vancouver, now. Lovely to 'meet' you!

    1. Lovely to 'meet' you as well. Really looking forward to how the BYW can help me better develop my blog. I've visited Vancouver a few times and you are very lucky to live in such a beautiful city.

  2. Great inspiration. I totally hear you with changing the colors. Paint will make such a big difference. Good luck and I am curious how it will turn out once you added your stamp!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm a bit nervous about how long it'll take to wallpaper but that's a chore for this weekend.