March 09, 2013

Store Love - Iron Crow

I stumbled upon a fantastic antique/vintage shop this week, Iron Crow (4403 9 Street S.E.).  I was searching through kijiji and found a few items attributed to this store and attempted to look them up.  They are so new that at this time they have no social media/websites, etc. so I just decided to pop by and see what they had.

The shop is an absolute find.  Lots of lovely antiques, collectibles and refurbished pieces. The prices are very reasonable and I really liked how the store was set up so that similar items or themes of collections were together (i.e. western, nautical).  I'm really looking forward to their upcoming grand opening.

Great bench/coat rack with storage 
Propellers and other nautical paraphernalia 
Carved figure and several wooden winches
Fireplace mantle and stained glass windows
Lovely wooden filing cabinets
Old fire extinguishers 
Skis, sleighs and snowshoes
I loved this unique, adjustable metal and wood shelf 
Corner shelving unit
Old metal toys
Antique buffet
Great wooden cheese box
New kitchen buffet
Butter presses
Various coffee grinders
So many great pieces to choose from
Wooden panels
I have a thing for boxes/containers/trunks/chests
A large collection of frames
This shop is certainly worth a visit and I'm excited to go back for a second look.

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