March 29, 2013

In Search of....A Staircase Light

I am in need of a new light for my staircase.  I'm slowing working my way through the house, replacing each light as the previous owners clearly got a deal as they are all identical and cast a horribly yellow glow and they are just not my cup of tea.  I would probably be more into them if they were actually original to the house but they are just inexpensive reproductions.
Current light fixture (don't worry, I did finish cutting in while I was painting)
I've finally narrowed it down based on a few inspiration photos and now I just need to find something similar within my budget.  I have noticed that a lot of similarly shaped lights are sold as pendants with one light bulb but I'm looking for at least three as more light is needed for a staircase.
Ranch at Live Oak Malibu photo by Mark Adams Pictures via Remodelista
via Style at Home
A few options:
Star Lantern from Circa Lighting
Four Light Black Framed from Signature Lighting

Denison Ceiling Light from Elte
I'm still on the hunt but pleased to know that there are a few options out there.

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