March 17, 2013

Craft Room - Update I

Sneak peek
There has been a lot of progress in my craft room (see my plans here).  A huge part of this project also included painting my stairwell and the trim along my staircase and I am really happy with how it's turned out.  Here is what the space looked like before:

My first step for this project, was to rip off all the trim around my doors and take out the shelves in the closet.

I created a huge mess and there were a lot of holes to fill in (including those the movers made attempting to bring my queen boxspring up the stairs). It took a full day to actually prep the space before I could even start painting.

I put up two coats of paint (Benjamin Moore - Stonington Gray) and it has drastically changed the way the space looks.  It is so much brighter up there.  The space has a skylight so there is some natural light but with the wheat-coloured walls, wood doors, wood trim and herringbone floor, it looked really, really yellow up there.  The gray walls have made the space feel considerably more contemporary.

I put a coat of primer on the desk, trim and the closet door.  The trim and the door took two coats of paint and three to get a really solid coat on the desk. It was worth it though as I'm really happy with how fresh it looks.  I also painted out the trim that runs along my stairs and it looks fantastic.

I did get quite a lot done but still have some major items before I can complete this project:
  • paint the room in Stonington Gray (carrying the colour up from the downstairs)
  • paint the desk in white
  • wallpaper behind the desk with pages from books
  • add shelves above the desk
  • paint out the closet door in white and replace the handles
  • paint the interior of the closet
  • create efficient shelving in the closet
  • replace the trim around the doors
  • paint the baseboards white
  • paint my dresser in navy blue and switch out the handles
  • bring it all together with artwork and some accessories

Lots more still to come!

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